The procedure for the declaration of bankruptcy

The court issues the sentence declaring the bankruptcy of a company when someone brings to its knowledge the state of insolvency in which it finds itself. The law provides that the declaration of bankruptcy can take place following an appeal (often also called bankruptcy) presented by certain subjects. From the debtor, that is to say […]

Understand How Your Score Is Calculated – Low Interest

  Score is a credit score that companies use to evaluate their registration. Understand how your score is calculated and how it can influence your credit score. How many times have you had credit declined at the time of making a purchase or a financial loan because your score on Score is low? The companies […]

Personal Credit Pre-approved without Bureaucracy | Payday Loans

  The pre-approved personal credit Bradesco is a line of loan without bureaucracy and totally uncomplicated, is released at any time according to the credit limit made available by the bank to the current account holder. Bradesco is one of the best and largest banks in the country. It has several types of credit and […]

How to Clean Join the Debt Management Program

  Experiencing accumulated debt will certainly have an impact on your name in the Bank Indonesia Debtor Information System (SID). When checking data at Bank Indonesia, or commonly called BI Checking, you can usually see firsthand whether your name is really clean, or have had a bad track record due to delinquency. For that, you […]