File bankruptcy online -How to file for bankruptcy without a lawyer?

How to file for bankruptcy without a lawyer?

The online method of filing bankruptcy at has made certain things easier for the debtor. This not only saves time but also reduces the cost of such a situation.

Bankruptcy law is complied with for interest borrowers so that they will be able to wipe off their debts and start over again. Nevertheless, the bankruptcy application with the help of a lawyer costs a few thousand dollars. Unfortunately, debtors are unable to pay such costs, which leads to increased debt amounts. Therefore, online filing software will enter the image. With this option, a person who does not have to spend huge legal costs if he chooses to continue doing the do-it-yourself steps for that situation.



The process of the bankruptcy code, either online or normal, requires a lot of care and patience from the applicant’s part. Of course, a debtor must correctly fill more than 30 pieces of legal paperwork. Any mistake in the information provided may cause delays or cancellation of the claim. Thus, it is very important for each applicant to have a thorough knowledge of bankruptcy forms, and the expected answers to the questions. Here are some useful instructions.


Search for Trusted Sites


Strictly speaking, a debtor cannot directly apply for bankruptcy online. But to simplify this, there are several online services that help fill out the forms and prepare for the claim. In addition, you can find companies that make a debtor to download forms and fill them. According to your choice, look for reputable companies that have satisfied customers.




Create a list of creditors and associated bills that you owe money, and keep those documents together in one folder. Determine the courts where you want to apply for bankruptcy.


Application forms

bankruptcy Application forms

Visit the bankruptcy court website and click on the form link. Online filing takes place only through the Pacer system, which is a federal database governed by the courts concerned. In order to use this system, you have to pay a small fee over the Internet, or through direct access.

Examine the type of bankruptcy you filed; Chapter 7 is for the elimination of debt and Chapter 13 deals with a repayment plan. Fill out the necessary application forms and take prints for filing in court. Otherwise, use a paralegal for download and fill out forms as instructed by a legal advisor. Leave the completed logbooks to the local bankruptcy courts.


Creditor Meeting

Creditor Meeting

Be prepared to introduce yourself to court. According to bankruptcy law, this meeting is a mandatory step for each applicant. Here, the debtor is allowed to state claims in front of the creditors involved in the case. If the debtor makes his own request, he will be asked to be present alone. He may also appear with a lawyer who will represent him in court.

The rule of thumb for succeeding in this matter is to leave proper paperwork, which is requested by the court. In case of confusion regarding the procedure, an applicant should seek the assistance of an experienced professional. After all, the success of time is what everyone wants at the end of the process.

Therefore, spending money to pay a bankruptcy lawyer is a practical decision, rather than having the claim rejected or canceled due to incorrect information.

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