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The pre-approved personal credit Bradesco is a line of loan without bureaucracy and totally uncomplicated, is released at any time according to the credit limit made available by the bank to the current account holder.

Bradesco is one of the best and largest banks in the country. It has several types of credit and personal loan lines for the most diverse purposes, from individuals as well as legal entities. One of the attractions of becoming a Bradesco broker is to have access to the “pre-approved credit line”, a quick, easy and affordable interest rate lending operation.


Personal Credit pre-approved


Personal Credit Bradesco pre-approved


The request is made in a very practical way, the limit is already established, the money is available for hiring at all times, 24 hours a day, for this, it is sufficient that the accountant access Internet Banking Bradesco through the web so that the request in minutes. If you are on the street, simply go to an ATM or self-service that money is released on time, no hassle or comings and goes to the agency to sign a lot of paperwork.

Bradesco’s pre-approved personal credit was created to support the finances of its clients. In this type of loan, the customer Bradesco have a credit amount based on their repayment power and income, depending on the bank move the limit can be increased simply by talking to your manager or in the accounts sector.

Access to personal credit


Access to Bradesco


To have access to the pre-approved Personal Credit Bradesco, it is necessary to have a checking account with Bradesco , to be a Bradesco Prime account holder or a DigiConta Bradesco account holder , a totally electronic account and free, the account holder pays nothing to have the account and has access to countless banking services.

What is the purpose of the pre-approved personal credit limit Bradesco? The borrowed money is used the way the customer wants it, but in principle, the use of “Bradesco personal financing” can be very useful at the end of the month when the salary was not enough to cover the expenses of the house or because of a unforeseen any who demanded financial resources that had not reserved.

It is worth mentioning that this type of loan, pre-approved personal credit , is found in most financial institutions and also in credit cooperatives such as Sincredi – Cooperative Credit System and Sicoob – Credit Cooperatives System of Brazil, in general the concession is facilitated and the amounts can reach more than $ 50,000 thousand, depending on the customer’s income, of course!

Bradesco pre-approved personal credit lines

Bradesco pre-approved personal credit lines

In addition to the pre-approved Personal Credit Bradesco, the bank offers:

  • Personal credit limit
  • Online Personal Credit
  • Vehicle Warranty Credit
  • Credit with property guarantee
  • Payroll-deductible loans
  • Related personal loans

Credit for account holders


Account holders have access to the Special Check, Bradesco Global Credit, Credit Card, CDC – Direct Consumer Credit, Crediário Bradesco, Bradesco Mortgage, Real Estate Credit, BNDES Onlendings, Leasing, Surety and Rural Credit, you always find a line of credit that goes their needs.

Who needs borrowed money, can not take a Bradesco Consigned Credit that is the cheapest of all, finds in the pre-approved Personal Credit Bradesco an opportunity to get money at a reasonable cost for a short period of time.

The simulation of the operation can be done on the Bradesco Financiamentos via Internet website at Home Banking Bradesco. To know more go to or

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