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Being in debt is not a very comfortable situation, especially when you have nothing left over from your budget so that you can honor your commitments and take away that debt that is taking away your sleep. To help you make some money at the end of the month, we’ve provided you with some savings tips to reduce your home expenses simply and efficiently, so you can use this money you’ll be saving to get rid of debts.

Let’s start with a very simple tip. Did you know that a fluorescent lamp spends 75% less electricity than an incandescent bulb? Now make an account of how many bulbs you have at home and see how much difference this exchange can bring. In addition to spending less, fluorescent bulbs do not generate heat like incandescents, so it keeps the environment at a more pleasant temperature.

Another villain in energy consumption is the iron. You already know that it consumes a lot of energy to maintain the heat, so accumulate a significant amount of clothing before you pass, so you better enjoy the heat you generate and you’re saving money. On the list of villains is also the shower, and I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds of times that it’s possible to take a good shower in 5 minutes, so leave it to rehearse your repertoire of songs out of the shower.


Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption



The refrigerator also has spikes in energy expenditure when the door is opened and it needs to recover the refrigeration that is lost with this opening. A good economics tip is to think about what you need before you open the door, and take out and put all the products in one go. Remember: opening the refrigerator at all times or philosophizing with the open door spends a lot of energy, as well as undermining the conservation of food.

The water bill can also get lower with simple adaptations of what you already have at home. For taps, there are aerators, which mix air into the water and give more pressure to the jet, decreasing consumption significantly.

Nowadays there are also sanitary discharges that contribute to water saving, they have two separate buttons, one releases a larger volume and the other a smaller volume of water, as needed. In the medium and long term, these savings tips will save you money, which is literally down the drain.

With little or no investment you can save on the expenses of the house and make a reserve of resources that can be used to pay off debts, pay loans, liquidate financings and end up with invoices of cards, and after all it pays that such acquiring goods for your home or offer some kind of leisure for your family.

Changing your attitude is the first step for you to have a healthier and happier financial life!

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